Folk Club CDs

15th Anniversary CD

We are celebrating 15 years of creating wonderful folk music at the Brampton Folk Club.

As part of our celebrations, we have released a sampler CD featuring many performers with the Brampton Folk Club. The CD was created courtesy of a generous grant by the Brampton Arts Council. It was created as a way of celebrating the folk club’s 15 years, a showcase of some of the talent available in the folk club, and as a method of sharing the music with supporters of the Brampton Folk Club. It features 14 tracks by some of our most talented artists within the folk club, plus one bonus track of a live performance of a song written by several members of the folk club.

The CDs is for sale through the folk club and at all folk club events. Cost of the CD is $10, which will go towards funding the Brampton Folk Club.

To listen to samples of some of the tracks click on the links to the performing artists page.



1. Sally Campbell - Come on Home
2. Barry Mulcahy - Armed with Love
3. Wendi Hunter - Still Survivin'
4. Ablett and Cooper - So Many
5. Gayle Ackroyd - Someone's Daughter
6. Dave MacLachlan - Odessa
7. Brown Ale - Petty Harbour Bait Skiff
8. Triangl - Twanky Dillo
9. Moira and Elena - Cherry Tree Carol
10. Downtown Freddy Brown - Lookin' Back
11. Karl Widmeyer - The Way Into Your Heart
12. Blue Yonder - Bill Cheatham
13. Mark Yan - Eagle's Nest
14. Laura Stephen - 50th Anniversary
15. Brampton Folk Club - This Land of Ours